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Submitting my Success Story
Please email your success story to Max at Max@NetworkISA.org. In your email, please provide a quote for testimonials and deliver as much information about the gig/contest as possible.
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Hi - my feature script One White Crow a supernaturla love story /thriller based on real events is a current semifinalist in The Page intl competition - and still in the contest. It was a semi finalist of table read My Screenpaly (Sundance) at the beginning of 2016 and before it was optione d for 2 year (now expired) it was a winner of The Scriptwriter's Network Hollywood Outreach Program and 1st runner up in the Next TV Entertanment feature competition (2011/12)

It's also in several others for tis year, already at quarterfinals but contests are ongoing.

Thank you.. 

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280 week(s) ago

Leonardo Millan

Hello, my Romantic Comedy Screenplay co-written by Lorena Iveth Velasquez "Touché" reached as a finalist in three categories BEST COMEDY, BEST ORIGINAL CONCEPT, BEST OVERALL SCRIPT. in the 2016 Oaxaca Film Festival Screenplay Competition. This was my forth entry, but our first as a writing team and very pleased with our results. The project was submitted through Film Freeway. Last year one of my other projects A BLACK COMEDY "A Hat & Tee Shirt" made official selection of the same Screenplay Competition.We are already looking forward to submitting our new project to Next Year's competition "Connected by Destiny".

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272 week(s) ago
As the year ends, I realize how blessed with success I've been these past twelve months. The latest is my script "Freedom Cafe," an Iraq War/PTSD drama, being selected as a Semi-Finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay Contest – Park City. The year began with my signing a three-book adaptation deal (I've finished two of the adaptations so far), then a feature rewrite, selling a short script, my feature "Storefront" finishing post production, and finally being signed to write an animation feature for a Chinese studio. I also signed with a new manager, Eleni Larchanidou, and have been approached about writing another animated feature and doing another book adaptation. "Blessed" doesn't cover it, and I'm more than grateful. Took a long time to get here, but... I'm a full-time screenwriter making a great living at it and enjoying the heck out of it. Livin' the dream, and I'm thankful and humble about it. I wish all of you this kind of success and more!
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266 week(s) ago
Michael Peters

Thank you for all of your comments and submissions! These success stories always make our day. :)


And keep 'em coming! 

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266 week(s) ago

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