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How can I edit my uploaded screenplay ?
I uploaded my logline, synopsis, and screenplay. I need to edit the screenplay with aditional dialogue. Must I delete the existing screenplay and upload the newest one or is there some way to edit the dialogue without deleting it?
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Michael Peters

Hi Stan,


Thanks for your message! Yes, the only way to update your screenplay (with the updated dialogue) is to delete the old one and replace it with the new one.


However, you don't have to delete the entire screenplay title. Meaning, you can log onto your account, click on MY SCREENPLAYS, select your screenplay title, and scroll down to the "Screenplay" section. From there, you can delete the old copy and upload the new one. But this way, you won't lose your synopsis, logline, and other information for the screenplay title.



Michael Peters 

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262 week(s) ago
Re. Michael's comment that you can delete the screenplay without losing the synopsis and logline: I just deleted my screenplay (to upload a revision) and now on the "my screenplays" page I no longer see it listed at all. I realize the screenplay itself is now gone, but thought the title would still be listed with the option to see the logline or synopsis. Am I not looking in the right place for that comprehensive list? Kathryn
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146 week(s) ago

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