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Fantasy Genre (The Lewis to My Tolkien)
As the Thread Title suggests, I've always wondered about the imaginative insights writing partners have with one another, especially in terms of world-building. More than any other Genre, I dare say, we are besieged by our own ideas. The fantastical clashes with logic and the improbable; at all hours of the night, we endure, wishing for it to stop, yet loving the gain. How deep our imaginations go, abound all corners, to reveal; evermore, relentless questions that seemingly never stop. A world building...

We as fantasy writers are secretive with our ideas. It takes a certain amount of trust, no, a certain amount of credibility or personality, for us to even accept another's thoughts on the matter that have only ever existed within our own minds. I am not sure myself ~ whether this process can be maintained, if one can respectively form a brain trust outside of ever having met. But I find it interesting and think, why not? Of all the years and nights lying awake, rattling with my brain about what makes this story great? The endless questions, I alone MUST figure out... if only there was someone else out there whom could understand, just what I am going through, and react in that same positive light. As C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien once made, what say we two cannot yet create better worlds for each-other? So I ask:

Has any other World Builder felt curious about the same thing? :p
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Shakeil Kanish
I'm looking for a writing partner and I love the science fiction and fantasy genre! 
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244 week(s) ago

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