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Emotional Flaws
Hello Everyone - hope you are all busy coming up with great stuff:

I have a a few characters and am playing with one's emotional flaw being HUBRIS - (excessive pride or self confidence) What do you all think -- yes without knowing any other detail whatsoever! Hahaha

Others I am working with are: He can never do right; fear of love; chooses the worst (sex) partners.

Wondering what other folks are working with in regard to just emotional Flaws?

Thanks in advance for your imput.
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Cindy Bell
I'm new to screenwriting, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. But I think anyone of those flaws could work, including hubris. A character could wind up with all kinds of conflict as a result of having excessive pride or self confidence. The flaw I'm working with is insecurity.
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265 week(s) ago

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