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Hello everyone - I hope all projects are going well. I have just put FADE OUT -- THE END on two scripts - YES 2! I chose comedy - one is a Rom/Com and the other a Buddy Comedy, which is 98 pages right now. I will take the last week to clean it up a bit and add a few small scenes from notes I have. I am very happy with it for now. I have put in a lot of Set-up's/Pay offs and also a lot of moments that go from hope to fear to hope back to fear again: another great little tool in the tool box.

My ROM-COM is only 74 pages right now and I have notes to put more stuff in, that might take a few days by itself as I find I may have to really hone my emotional flaws of the characters and have them clearly hit upon and resloved by scripts end. I am having trouble with the clearity part on that one.

Keeping true and also deep with it has been difficult for me. Also to be able to express that deepness in dialogue as well as action is quite a task.

Please tell the group your progress and problems you have run into and conquered and how you did it perhaps. Even the problems you couldn't conquer.

I have twitter a bit but only once it seems had any comment back. Of course none us know each other so I hope to hear from a lot of you on this post!!!

It would be wonderful to even FB friend each other and keep in touch. I live in Los Angeles and have yet to start a table read group but I do have a list of folk interested. Perhaps I will do that or have a brain-storming night.

Thank you Max and ISA as well. AND the Craft Course.

James Ridgley
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Hello James,

Wow, two scripts. Well done.
I typed “The End” on Monday (page 101) and am into the editing process. My story is sci-fi, so I have to make a few changes to the dialogue (picked up more than one cliché).
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will recommend it to my fellow writers.

Dan Roy
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262 week(s) ago

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