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My progress: So far behind--
I work in I.T. for the gov't and have kids, so I usually have less than an hour a night to write. I've written a few screenplays before and even placed in a couple of contests. I took the class to improve my writing, In taking it I've gathered a few new tools to add to my arsenal but unfortunately most nights I've had to make hard decisions on whether to read/listen to a lesson or to write. So with tomorrow being the deadline, I have to admit that I'm about halfway through the lessons but I'm on page 90 of my sci-fi/film noir script. I'm not happy about not completing both but by the end of the week I'll have a cross between a classic gangster film and a futuristic melodrama. I figure can finish the lessons post-deadline.

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GENRES: Sci-fi, Film-noir, Drama
In a future where ID theft is big business, a talented young fugitive destined for execution by the feds or assassination by the mafia must build a criminal empire in order to change his fate.
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Ngaire Genge
When it comes to a choice between writing a first draft and listening to a lesson - a situation I think most people are in, I'd always choose to put words on a page. You can always listen later, all of that material is readily available online. There's an essential momentum to a first draft. You can continue to write later, but, that initial momentum? You get just one smack at it. Page 90 is tremendous. Don't go back. Don't stop. Don't read or listen to anything else. Just keep hitting the keys. You can't apply all those lesson to a script you don't have. Congratulations on page 90!
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262 week(s) ago

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