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Finally done.
I don't know if this forum is dead but I'm posting anyway. Hey, writers write.

Started this challenge and life kept getting in the way. Four days late but I finally finished my script. I'm gonna kick back with a drink tonight before the real work begins, editing. Got a few readers lined up and if my paychecks fall right I may even pay to have a professional look it over. Then I'll submit it to a few contests and start making cold calls to managers and agents.

Here's what I wrote during the challenge:

Code: Delete By Anthony Moore
GENRE: Sci-fi, Film-noir, Drama
LOGLINE: In a future where ID theft is big business, a talented young fugitive destined for execution by the feds or assassination by the mafia must build a criminal empire in order to change his fate.
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Congrats Anthony!! I am having 2 friends take a look at what I have written and then will go into rewriting passes, plot, character, character dialogue, essence and importance of scenes.

I have a comedy so I may get more insight as the rewrite happens in how to possibly tweak the two main leads so they have even more contrast to each other.

Good luck.

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261 week(s) ago

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