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How to add your writing group to this page
This is a great, free way to get word out about your writing group!  Here's the easy step-by-step in listing your group on this page:

  1. Make sure you're logged into your ISA account

  2. click on the red, linked text that reads "Start New Topic"

  3. Under Thread title, list the name of your group and the city it's based in (only if it's an in-person meet-up)

  4. In the "Initial Post" box, here you can describe your group, the basic schedule of meetings, include a link to a web site or Facebook group, etc.

  5. Click the red "Save" button at the bottom!

That's all there is to it!  Now your information will be visibile to anyone to find.  If you get to a point where your writing group is full and you cannot take on more members, you can always come back and delete your post.  Keep in mind that people may ask questions on your post directly, so you may be coming back on occasion to field those questions.
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