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Writing Partner Wanted!! (Sydney, Australia)
I am an award-winning producer and writer with 15yrs experience in the industry and I am looking to partner with a great writer to develop in-house projects including 2 horror scripts (1 which I am already 50 pages in to), a biopic film, a couple of TV projects and more.....

I have offices both in Australia and the USA and am looking for someone in Australia who I can meet with regularly and work closely with.

I have relationships with A-List producers in the USA, UK, Iceland, and Canada, some of which are on the advisory board of my company.

I recently had a feature script I co-wrote win a few awards this year at screenplay festivals, and this same script is currently being considered by Netflix for their original content expansion next year.

If you're interested in partnering with me, please send a short writing sample for me to check out and then we can have a chat and meet for a coffee and discuss how it might work. Send samples and contact details to alan@alansmitheeproductions.com

Thanks and hope to hear from some talented writers soon.
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