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Female to co-write a modern Sex in the City type series

Hi ladies.

Me: Established WGA writer. Two decades plus. Never had another job so always a paid, working writer. Know industry inside and out. Have a new project I love, a modernized Sex in the City, but cannot write by myself. It must, almost by definition, come from a female POV just from the title alone.

You: A talented, serious, funny, ambitious co-writer who genuinely wants in (and must genuinely love the project). I’m thinking 20s-30s like all main characters, and topical perspective, but it’s not necessary.

 I want someone good, with a fresh voice, and willing to work. It’s a tad raunchy in dialogue and subject matter but a serious exploration of men through women’s POV.

This isn’t and will not be easy. You can write from wherever you want. 95% we will just send the script/Bible back and forth over email. You can do most of it if you are good enough. You will need Final Draft. Writing samples unless you can somehow convince me in emails that you are witty and know what you are doing.

There is no payment but you will co-own it. It will likely be a great learning experience. I can mentor a younger writer who has talent and drive.

I will consider an actress who writes, too, or even a total amateur, but the most important element will be the ability to write well. Tell stories. Know people. Work hard. Be funny.

Okay enough… con me into believing you’re the one I’m looking for.

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You may contact me at jenkinsbeller@gmail.com. Thanks.
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225 week(s) ago

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