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Deadpool 2
USA 2018

Director: David Leitch

Screenplay: Ryan Reynolds, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick

Performers: Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, Morena Baccarin, Brianna Hildebrand, TJ Miller, Julian Dennison, Karan Soni, Eddie Marsan

Production: Donners Company, Kinberg Genre, Marvel Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox

Rental: Fox

Length: 119 minutes

FSK: from 16

Start: 17th May 2018
If Deadpool, as in the first part, turns to the audience through the fourth wall and warns: Attention, now comes a mega-CGI sequence, then it's still funny, but then comes only a digitally upgraded battle scene that is not so different from other superhero spectacles.

The biggest problem, however, is the vanity of lead actor Reynolds. Acting in the original with the all-or-nothing charm of the Hollywood cover, he is now very aware of his role as a super hero from the ashes. Too often he pulls off his mask on the Deadpool, to act with his own, although cosmetically scarred, but just visible likeness. The moderately interesting plot revolves around the fact that the egocentrist Deadpool has to practice selflessness to experience an emotional catharsis.

But, and this is perhaps the only truly subversive joke: In Reynolds' one-man show hardly any of the many old and new players can profile themselves, neither degraded to the pure plot device Morena Baccarin as Deadpool girlfriend Vanessa, a soul the first part, nor Brianna Hildebrand as a lesbian X-Woman Negasonic Teenage Warhead together with her Asian girlfriend. Their only function in the film is to be as kawaii as possible and - just - asian. A team of curious heroes recruits (including Bill Skarsgard and a very prominent cameo) is just cleared in the middle of the film in a blunt parachute jump massacre.

The joke with the little hand was good. In the surprise hit "Deadpool" (2016) the hero lost a hand. But once he had undergone a mutation procedure to stop a cancer, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool has super powers. There's no point in chopping off limbs. They grow after. But just slowly and at first tiny.

The massive, martial Marvel super hero with the baby's hands, that was a screamer, the deconstruction of a whole genre. And then one did not even know that the Joke with the "small hands" would drag himself even far into the US presidential election campaign, which, with the result, was also a farce. Could not imagine, all that. By the way, just as little as the success of a film that pulled all superhero topoi rascally, brutally cheap and funnily crazy by the cocoa - and thus grossing more than 700 million dollars worldwide.

How in heaven's name should one beat such a stroke of luck? "Deadpool 2", which starts this week, tries it with repetition. All kinds of limbs fly through the area again. But this time just not enough hands, this time go (including) legs and abdomen flutes. Baby Tails are available as a bonus. That's the level at which this sequel operates.

One could have guessed that it will not be. As early as the end of 2016 announced animation specialist Tim Miller, who had made his directorial debut with "Deadpool", the retreat. It was rumored by "creative differences" between him and lead actor Ryan Reynolds , it was apparently about casting decisions, but also to the orientation of the sequel.

Miller, who had trimmed "Deadpool" to a blockbuster format with a comparatively small budget and bold comedy dramaturgy, reportedly wanted to spend three times as much money on Fox to create a "more stylized" version, whatever that meant. Reynolds, who had fought for years for Deadpool, wanted to get the raw tone of the first film.

The second part shows that Miller was a key factor in making "Deadpool" a success. The script is so crammed with slogans and absurd ideas that the space is lacking to create a truly playful dynamic. Nothing was left to chance here, everything sticks right where it was distributed on the screen with a large stray cannon, the "Yentl" jokes as well as the power ballad by Céline Dion in the soundtrack.


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