Applying for a Gig

I'm not sure if this is the right section to post.
I have been trying to Send a message to Network ISA through this website and it keeps saying my message is more than 250 words,
which is not.  So there is no way for me to contact them.

I'd be grateful if anyone could questions answer below.


Dear ISA,

I'm currently a basic member.

I saw a gig that I'm interested in applying for, and it requires ISA Connect membership which is $10/month.


This is my first time applying so I have couple of questions,

1) The gig says "PAID: [Negotiable Upon Experience]" so that means it is definitely paying correct?

Is the negotiation entirely up to me and the company or does ISA have any guidelines or rules for companies that post gigs here? (ie. is there any protection for writers in case they pull out without paying etc.)

2) Is the ISA Connect membership monthly commitment or does it require minimum more than one month membership?

Thank you very much.


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