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Networking. Do it Before You Need to Do it!

By James McCarthy, ISA Director of Social Media 


Screenwriting can be a lonely pursuit. That’s not a bad thing, unless you conclude from it that the entire business of it must be lonely. 


It mustn't and it can't. Not if you want to increase your every chance of building a viable career in screenwriting. You simply have to get out and meet people. They have a reasonable need to know that if they like your work, they will like working with you.  


So, how do you make networking something that you can do if you dread the thought of it? Do it before you need to do it. 

Networking when you need to can too easily make you seem desperate and desperation doesn’t sell. On the other hand, a lack of any need for you to accomplish anything will relax you so you can be your genuine self building relationships without an agenda.  


So, get out there. Now. There are many free or low cost events - especially here in Los Angeles - where you can network and actually have quite a good time of it. The ISA sponsors a free networking mixer for screenwriters every third Thursday in Los Angeles and London that are, take my word, a straight up blast every time out. 

Waiting to network is failing to prepare. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. And you don't want to do that.  

P.S. Get the low down on our free THIRD THURSDAYS networking socials for screenwriters and other industry professionals on our Events page at http://www.networkisa.org/events.php :)

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