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Is the Agent Right For YOU?

Sure, he or she may be the best in the biz, but is the agent right for your material? Here are a few questions to ask about your agent:


1. My agent isn't passionate about my new script. What shoud I do?

2. Is it okay for my agent to provide feedback while I am writing a draft? What if my agent has dozens of other clients to cater to and I'm not getting the timely responses I'm looking for?

3. I'm a new writer who just signed with an agent months ago, but I haven't had open writing assignments yet. How should I approach my agent?

4. If more than one agent is pursuing me, could I negotiate a lower commission?

5. I don't live in Los Angeles and I am trying to make web content. Do I still need a rep for that?

6. I haven't had an assignment in over a year. Is it time to move on? 

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