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Meeting Don'ts

Dinner meeting with your favorite film or television producer? Here are a few things to avoid (from personal experience):


1. Assuming they know your history. Yes, they may have agreed to meet with you, but they have countless other meetings in the week. Don't forget to re-introduce yourself and your background.


2. Don't make it just about you. No one likes to build a relationship based on just your needs.


3. You're not familiar with the agent/manager/producer's background: Research. Trust me, it makes for a less awkward conversation.


4. Over-flattery. It smells desperate. Sure, you're a fan but you're not here to be a fan. 


5. Giving too much at once. Hey, you're only on your appetizers and you've already bragged about where you graduated ten times, your dog's name, and trashed your last three failed relationships.


6. Too eccentric. But gimmicks are memorable, right? Just...no. 


7. Let them be...them. While they are big shots in Hollywood, they are also human beings. Don't just talk about the business. It's fine to mention the ambience in the restaurant. Don't drown them in industry jargon. It comes off as pretentious. 


8. Yes, hygiene is important. Maybe you did just come straight from the gym before dinner, but don't let them know that.  

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I would add for any interview:

Don't smell like cigarrettes, alcohol, or cologn. If they don't like your smell, they will start disliking you before you open your mouth. 

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345 week(s) ago
Erman Baradi
Oh no! That is THE worst. It's all part of the first impression.
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334 week(s) ago

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