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Straight from the Writers' Mouths

In a feature in Script Mag, several revered screenwriters explained their writing habits, which many can benefit from:


Ron Bass: There's only one reason to become a screenwriter, or a writer of anything, and that is you can't avoid it. It's what you love to do. It's who you are. I write because there's no way I couldn't write. I was writing stories when I was six years old because I loved to do it and tell stories in my own way. I wrote a novel when I was teenager, then I became a lawyer to support my family and was away from writing prose for sixteen years. And I really missed it. So I went back to it and didn't tell anyone that I was doing it. The second I started again, I just said to myself, "Why on earth did I take so long to come back to this?" There's absolutely nothing else in life that makes me feel the way that writing does. 


Akiva Goldsman: I couldn't think of a more perfect job for me. The act of writing is itself wildly solitary, but the act of making a movie is very social, so this is the perfect alternation: the solitude of writing and the community of building and making movies.


Ed Solomon: I love a good movie just as I love a good book, but I don't love movies in general. I write because I enjoy sitting in the room making stuff up. I like thinking about dialogue and images and characters, which is fun and interesting, but putting it all together so that it becomes an interesting story is really hard for me. 

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Just like some people are supposed to be one thing in life, others are life explorers. I belong the second group. I have been an engineer, an expert in autism, a sensei, a film maker, an actor, a fine artist, and a writer. I write for the same reason  I paint, teach, or drive my 4WD into unknown territories. I love a story, and I love to tell it. I am emotional and embrace my emotions. 

Writing is telling a story in a format that others invented. The story tells me wheather to write it as a narrative, a movie, or a play.  I am compulsive. So, once I move into a story,  I don't want to finish it. Therefore, after I finish it, I can't wait to rewrite it. 

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308 week(s) ago
Erman Baradi
Guillermo! Thank you for sharing! I think there is a story in all of us, regardless of profession or walk of life :)
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308 week(s) ago

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