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Ile De France Film Commission
Providing location services and production incentives to filmmaker looking to shoot in the south of France.
Illinois Film Office
Illinois is home to a thriving film industry, and is a world class destination for film, television and advertising production.  Check out our locations, from the beautiful, iconic Chicago skyline and 58 mile lakefront to the gritty back alleys and unique historic neighborhoods.  Illinois boasts breathtaking natural vistas, rivers, prairies, industrial centers, picturesque farmland and small towns seemingly frozen in time.
Produce Iowa
The Iowa Film Office recently finished a transition period to become Produce Iowa in 2013.
Jamaica Film Commission
Acting as liaison between filmmakers and the Jamaican government, providing location services and economic incentives to film in Jamaica.
Kansas Creative Arts Industries Comm.
A new designated state arts agency designed to capitalize on the immense potential for the creative sector to drive economic growth in Kansas.
Kentucky Film Office
Kentucky has a lot to offer filmmakers and producers. Kentucky makes film location scouting easy with mountains, lakes, cityscapes and other great locations for filming.
Maine Film Office
The film office helps bring film, television and other media projects to Maine; works to expand and improve Maine's in-state production industry; and helps all Maine made media prod
Malta Film Commission
Providing location services, economic incentives, and crew / equipment contacts to filmmakers who want to shoot in Malta.
Maryland Film Office
Our mission is to attract film and video production to film on-location in the state of Maryland. Our goal is to make the process of filming in Maryland as easy as possible.
Massachusetts Film Office
With 351 cities and towns, Massachusetts offers extraordinary locations from country quaint to ultra modern, seaside to mountainside, and every period from the 1600ís to the present and