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Michigan Film Office
When it comes to moviemaking, you’re looking in the right place. Whether you’re a producer, director, crewmember, actor or just someone who is new to the business, we’re here to help. 
Mid Nordic Film Commission
Providing coordination to film in the diverse landscapes between Central Norway and Central Sweden.
Minnesota Film And Tv
Supports the creation of film and television projects that illuminate Minnesota's cultural history with funds provided by Minnesota's Clean Water and Legacy amendment.
Mississippi Film Office
Location scouting and research; pre-production help with casting, extras, crew, equipment; trouble-shooting during production and wrap; we will work with you every step of the way.
Montana Film Office
To promote the state of Montana as a filming location to the Film/TV/Print industries and invite these productions into Montana for the overall economic benefit of the state.
Nevada Film Office
The Film Office meets the needs of hundreds of productions annually, fielding questions in all realms of the entertainment industry; from film and television to music and other multimed
New Hampshire Film & Tv Office
Promotes New Hampshire as a filming location by attracting and assisting motion picture, television, commercial, photography and multimedia projects.
New Mexico Film Office
The Office serves the film and television industry locally, nationally and internationally. Our purpose is to market the state to this industry and service the productions.
New York State Governors Office
Our office is your liaison with city and local governments, state agencies, a network of statewide contacts, local film offices and professional location scouts.