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Glossary for Filmmaking Terms

Screw mount type of lens.

C.T.B. (and) C.T.O.

Abbreviations for "Color Temperature Blue" (and) "Orange" respectively. The color correction gels used to convert the color temp from tungsten to daylight (BLUE) and from daylight to tungsten (ORANGE).

Call Sheet

Listing of which actors will be required for which scenes, and when they will be required.


Bit part played by a famous actor who would ordinarily not take such a small part.

Camera Crew

Crewmembers directly involved with operation of the camera. Individual job titles include: clapper-loader, camera operator, assistant cameraman, director of photography, focus puller, grip, key grip, dolly grip, additional camera.

Camera Operator

Individual who operates the camera to the specifications dictated by the director of photography.


Form of comedic parody where the cliché conventions of a dramatic form like adventure are deliberately exaggerated to the point of absurdity.


Metal or plastic containers used for the transport and storage of film

A collective term for the actors appearing in a particular movie.

Process of hiring actors to play the characters in a script.