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Glossary for Filmmaking Terms
Edge Numbers

Numbers printed on the edge of a print to allow easy identification of frames.

Edit Decision List (EDL)

Complete list of time code numbers for each shot and sound used in the off-line edit master. These time code numbers are used to create the final on-line edit master.


Reconstructing the sequence of events in a movie.


Individual who performs editing (in consultation with the director) on a movie.

Electrical Department

Section of a production's crew responsible for lighting and other electrical matters during filming.


Grip that specializes in the equipment of the electrical department.


Thin layer of silver attached to base of a film strip. The silver reacts with the light when exposed which creates a film image.

Emulsion Type

Refers to the composition of a film's emulsion and how it was manufactured. (Example: fast/slow, daylight/tungsten, etc.) The emulsion type is represented by a number which varies from one company to another.


Process of combining analog or digital video signals, e.g., red, green and blue, into a composite signal.


Film with large dramatic scope or that required an immense production.