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Glossary for Filmmaking Terms
Lab Roll

Group of camera rolls joined together by a lab for printing.


Degree to which a particular film stock can tolerate without being over or under exposed. Color negative stock has a high latitude, while reversal film has a very low latitude.


Small microphone that is clipped to a person's clothing. Also called a 'Lav'


Transferring the sweetened audio track back to the master video tape.


Individual responsible for working out the action before filming begins, including where the characters should be, and the camera angles.

Lead Role

The most important character in a movie, often distinguished by gender.


Member of the art department who is in charge of swing gangs and/or set dressers and reports to the set decorator.


Technique of shrinking the image just enough so that its entire width appears on TV screen, with black areas above and below the image.

Light Leak

Stray light that filters into the camera causing the image to have a foggy appearance.

Lighting Crew

Group of technicians who install, operate, and maintain lighting.