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Glossary for Filmmaking Terms
Quartz Light

AKA "tungsten" or "halogen" light. Hot/bright light (3200K) which uses a tungsten filament in a quartz container. This type of light can be quite "explosive" so take care never to touch bulb with bare hands. Always use gloves or some type of rag/cloth.

Quick Release
Device that assists in the quick mount/dismount of a camera from its tripod.
Rack Focus

Changing (racking) the focus on the focus ring while shooting.

Raw Footage

Exposed film that has yet to see any type of editing.

Raw Stock

Film stock that is unexposed.

Re-recording Mixer

Member of the sound crew responsible for mixing the final sound elements (dialogue, music, sound effects and foley).

Reaction Shot

Shot of a person reacting to dialogue or action.


Individual who reads scripts and writes down synopsis of the plotline, offering positive or negative comments (the process is called "providing coverage"), which assist studio execs or interested parties if script is worthwhile.

Reading Period

Period after a writer has been hired to write an assignment that a hiring body will review. This body will give suggestions and decide whether to pick up the option to have the writer produce further work.


Leftover (unexposed) film in a magazine that is still good to use.