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Glossary for Screenwriting Terms
Quid Pro Quo
Quid pro quo occurs when a character or the audience mistakes someone or something for someone or something else.
A raissoneur is a character - usually a supporting character - who helps the audience keep track of the values of the story.
Recognition occurs when a character finds out what we (the audience) already know.
The resolution in a film is the solution to the problem and main tension of the story. It often explains what has happened, what will happen, and shows a new status quo.
Revelation puts the audience into a superior position, which translates to a feeling of participation.
A reversal (or twist) is a surprising, yet explainable and motivated change in the direction of the action - either within a scene, a sequence, or in the overall story line.

Often used to reveal things for comic or dramatic effect, a REVERSE ANGLE could be described as a counter POV shot. Essentially, the script implies that the camera comes around 180 degrees to get a shot from the polar opposite side.

In film, rhythm is determined by the development of the tension and the movement of the action. Each scene and each sequence has its own rhythm, it's pulse, it's tempo, it's pacing. In the finished film both rhythm and tempo get expressed not only in the actions of the characters, but in the shot breakdown, in the editing, and with sound and music.
Rising Action
From the moment a dramatic situation that contains a serious conflict has been created, rising action begins and continues to build until the character finds a way to solve the conflict. Once one particular conflict is resolved, a new obstacle is presented, creating it’s own tension and new series of rising actions begin.
Scene Heading
Often called a slug line, the scene heading occurs at the start of every scene, stating whether the scene is inside (INT.) or outside (EXT.), the specific location (FRANK’S APARTMENT - KITCHEN), and refers to the time of day (NIGHT). Here is the full example: INT. FRANK’S APARTMENT - KITCHEN - NIGHT.