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We are back for year three and we expect this year, 2016 to be much bigger and better! The first season turned out to be a huge success with so many great films entered and shown in Asbury Park, NJ.


There have been festivals in the area in the past that have closed down or moved away. There are many other film festivals in the state of New Jersey but they are not close to the shore area in Central New Jersey. Other festivals focused primarily on feature films but what about that filmmaker who hasn't been able to make one yet? What about the artist who created a short film but is unable to show it or showcase their work? This is where we come in to the picture. We encourage screenwriters who have short film scripts of any length between 1 and 45-minutes to enter our festival.


We have low entry fees to keep things affordable. As a still-growing, young festival, we are unable waive any entry fees at this time, so please do not ask, thank you. We need to continue growing so each new year is better than the last!

Registration ended: 02/12/16

What makes 100 Screenplays different?  The difference in 100 Screenplays begins with how it was created.  Screenplay Festival, the parent company of 100 Screenplays, accepts an unlimited number of scripts just as all other screenwriting competitions do.  A direct effect of accepting so many screenplays is that it takes several months to determine the winner.


One of the judges for Screenplay Festival had an idea, “What if we had a contest where we limited the number of entries to one hundred?  We could get them read quickly and select the winner very quickly.” This idea was thrown around the office until it grew into 100 Screenplays. 


Now, instead of sending off their script and having to wait ages to hear the results, screenwriters can send in their scripts and find out who won in no time.  And those writers will also never have to wonder how many scripts they are up against.  (This is one of the most common questions Screenplay Festival receives.)  They are in a pool of one hundred scripts, and their chance of winning is vastly increased by the smaller number of scripts accepted into each contest.

Registration ended: 04/01/18

Started in 2009, The Write of Passage Screenwriting Competition is a one-week, mentored competition, which teaches writers as they compete. The goal is to develop redemptive, inspirational stories. Submissions are 12 pages and are written in 168 hours (1 week), based on a theme and a foundational scripture verse. 


Writers compete for cash, Hollywood introductions, and expert critique from Hollywood insiders. Any Write of Passage script may also be produced for our annual Film Festival as a Write of Passage Spotlight Film. 

Registration ended: 10/09/14
The Fresh Voices Pitch Contest affords aspiring writers the opportunity to turn great ideas into salable screenplays through experienced script guidance, professional mentoring, cash & prizes, plus the chance to pitch your winning project directly to producers, executives, agents and managers! An experienced manager/ producer will work with the winning screenwriter to turn their million dollar idea into a salable screenplay ready for the marketplace. 
Registration ended: 06/05/13

ScreenCraft is excited to announce our First Annual Action & Thriller Screenplay Contest! Whether you have a tense thriller or a big, effects-driven action film, WE WANT TO READ YOUR SCREENPLAY.


ScreenCraft’s screenwriting contests are targeted by genre in order to create the most relevant and helpful prize package for emerging screenwriters looking for exposure to industry executives, producers, agents and managers. Our judges panel includes development executives at Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony and After Dark Films!


Because this is our first year and submission numbers will be modest, your script has the best chance of winning our grand prize.  We invite you to join us this year to be one of our first success stories!  We’re passionate about helping writers get noticed and get their scripts sold to production companies and studios. 

Registration ended: 12/15/13

We’re looking for FAMILY-FRIENDLY movies.  Whether you have a family drama, comedy, or animated adventure, we want a script that’s entertaining for the whole family (including parents)!  


Families are the most influential movie-going audience and there is a lack of great content that’s appealing to young and old.  We have producers who are hungry for “four-quadrant” projects to develop.


Our panel of judges includes creative executives at Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony and Walt Disney Pictures!  Our featured guest judges also include family-friendly film producer Mychal Simka and Great Road Capital’s VP of Creative Affairs Liza Olsen!


Because this is our first year and submission numbers will be modest, your script has the best chance of winning our grand prize.  We invite you to join us this year to be one of our first success stories!  We’re passionate about helping writers get noticed and get their scripts sold to production companies and studios. 

Registration ended: 02/28/14

The 2nd Annual ScreamCraft Horror Script Contest is open for entries!  This year we’ve partnered with ShockTillYouDrop.com and our Hollywood judges are looking for the next fresh voice in horror screenwriting.  Enter before the final deadline on June 1st.  We’re already reading! 


The 2014 jury includes Hollywood’s top representatives and producers of the genre:

  • Ryan Turek, founder and editor of popular horror website ShockTillYouDrop.com
  • Scott Henderson, agent at Paradigm Talent Agency, represents renowned horror filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Wannell (SAW)
  • Andrew Wilson, manager at Zero Gravity, represents acclaimed horror writer Clive Barker(HELLRAISER, NIGHT BREED)
  • Amotz Zakai, manager at Echo Lake Management, represents legendary filmmakers including master horror writer-director John Carpenter!
  • Jessica Hall, Senior Vice President at Blumhouse Productions, the company behind micro-budget horror hits including The Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Purge and Sinister franchises
  • Lucy Mukerjee, Vice President of Production and Development at After Dark Films
Registration ended: 06/01/14

ScreenCraft is boutique consultancy specializing in insider access to development executives at the best production companies and major studios. Dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed, we produce events, host screenwriting contests, offer consultation, and publish inspirational and educational content. We believe that a great script deserves a great reader and pride ourselves in delivering only the highest quality feedback from working industry professionals.


Our second annual Action & Thriller Script Contest is bolstered by a first-rate judges panel that incorporates screenwriters, producers and development executives that all have proven track records in the genre.


We're looking for smart, exciting, character-driven and emotionally engaging action and thriller scripts that we can garner attention for, so please, submit away! 

Registration ended: 10/15/14

Whether you have a romantic comedy or an action-comedy blockbuster, we want to read your script.  Big or small, we want to read smart movies with strong command of the craft and lots of heart.  Winner receives $1,500 cash and exposure to some of the top comedy production companies in Hollywood!  We’re looking for fresh comedic voices – in feature length and short screenplays.  Enter your script today! Accepting features and shorts! 


The 2014 jury features Hollywood’s hottest comedy producers: 

  • Mark O’Connor, producer at Green Hat Films (THE HANGOVER, PROJECT X, DUE DATE)
  • Alex Plapinger, executive at Montecito Picture Company (I LOVE YOU MAN, UP IN THE AIR, OLD SCHOOL, NO STRINGS ATTACHED)
  • Billy Wee, executive at Happy Madison (Adam Sandler’s company with such hits as DEUCE BIGALOW: MALE GIGALO, PAUL BLART: MALL COP, ANGER MANAGEMENT, FUNNY PEOPLE, GROWN UPS, THE GOLDBERGS)
  • Dave Rath, manager at Generate (clients: Patton Oswalt, Kyle Kinane)
  • Joe Farrell, executive at Funny or Die (owned by Yahoo and Will Ferrell). He is a Co-Executive Producer on Comedy Central’s @midnightand a graduate of USC’s Peter Stark Producing Program.
  • Sean Covel, producer (Napoleon Dynamite, Beneath, Broken Hill)
  • Taylor Benzie, manager at Kaplan/Perrone
  • Ben Mekler, staff writer at Nerdist Industries 
  • Olivia Gerke, Manager at 3 Arts Entertainment, the management company behind such comedy greats as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Louis CK, Maya Rudolph, Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling, George Lopez, Matt LeBlanc, BJ Novak, James Franco, Charlie Day, Ray William Johnson and many more!
  • TBD Literary Manager at Mosaic Media Group which represents many of the industry’s top comedy writers and talent, including such comedy giants as: Will Ferrell, Judd Apatow, Andy Samberg, Isla Fisher, Olivia Munn, Will Forte, Nick Kroll and many more!
Registration ended: 08/01/14
Enter for a chance to win our First Place Grand Prize Package which includes:
  • $1,000 cash + professional consultation with the ScreenCraft team
  • Personal introductions by phone to top Hollywood managers, agents and producers who specialize in comedy TV development and production.
  • Consultation with Jen Grisanti!  Jen’s clients have sold dozens of pilots and two have gone to series!  She has helped over 40 writers get staffed on top TV shows.
Jury includes:
  • Jen Grisanti, acclaimed Story Consultant, International Speaker, Screenwriting Instructor for NBC’s Writers on the Verge, Blogger for The Huffington Post and author of many books. Jen’s development notes and professional career consultation are consistently regarded as the best in the industry.
  • Ben Simpson, development executive, HBO, premium cable network with such hit comedy shows as VEEP, EASTBOUND AND DOWN, GIRLS, SEX AND THE CITY, SILICON VALLEY, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW, FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS and so many more.
  • Ari Lubet, manager at 3Arts Entertainment, the management company and production company behind such shows as BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, SILICON VALLEY, PARKS AND RECREATION, 30 ROCK, THE MINDY PROJECT, LOUIE, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, SAINT GEORGE and more.  Clients of 3Arts Entertainment include such comedy greats as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari, Louis CK, Maya Rudolph, Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling, George Lopez, Matt LeBlanc, BJ Novak, James Franco, Charlie Day, Ray William Johnson and many more!
  • Taylor Benzie, Manager at Kaplan/Perrone
  • (Undisclosed) Development Executive at SONY Television, with such current comedy shows as COMMUNITY, ROBOT CHICKEN, THE GOLDBERGS, DROP DEAD DIVA!
  • Joe Farrell, Director of Development for Film and TV at FUNNY OR DIE.
Registration ended: 09/15/14