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Artist Rights Organization
Women In Film
Women In Film is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting diversity in the media arts. The purpose is to EMPOWER, promote and mentor women in entertainment and media.
New Media Rights
New Media Rights is an independently funded non-profit program of California Western School of Law (a 501c3 non-profit) that provides one-to-one legal services to creators.
Ivaro - The Irish Visual Artists Rights Organization
IVARO is a not-for-profit organisation for the protection and promotion of the copyright of visual artists and their heirs. IVARO manages the rights of its members.
Pen America
The worldwide association of writers, was founded in 1921 to promote friendship and intellectual cooperation among writers everywhere; to emphasize the role of literature in the develop
National Coalition Against Censorship
An alliance of fifty-two participating organizations, is dedicated to protecting free expression and access to information by: Providing educational resources and advocacy support to in
Confederation Internationale Des Societes D'auteur
We promote the interests of creators and provide the highest business standards to protect their rights.
Authors Guild
The Authors Guild is the nation's largest society of published authors and a leading advocate for fair compensation, free speech and copyright protection.
World Intellectual Property Organization
Our mission is to promote innovation and creativity for the economic, social and cultural development of all countries, through a balanced and effective international intellectual prope
Electronic Frontier Foundation (eff)
A non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to public resources and information online, as well as to promot
California First Amendment Coalition
An independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to "promote and defend the people's right to know"--that is, our freedom of information (to find out) and freedom