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The Story Farm
More than just a general consultancy, The Story Farm works much like a development executive or manager would with a writer as the writer is developing multiple projects. 

The Story Farm Goal:

To get your material to a place that is ready for industry submission, and launch your career (regardless of your experience)!

With weekly, one-on-one phone calls that deliver specific notes on the ongoing development of multiple projects, The Story Farm is the most hands-on, comprehensive development service you will find in the industry. Approved by and in association with the International Screenwriters' Association, The Story Farm is designed to help dedicated, career-oriented writers for the long-term.

The Story Farm also helps the writers submit their projects to industry professionals once the script is deemed ready for submission. Script options or purchases, or even representation are not guaranteed, though The Story Farm will guarantee thorough support and guidance where education and specific project development is concerned.

We're looking for writers who are dedicated to their long term careers, and while we can and do work with writers who have one script they intend to finish and polish, it is suggested that Story Farm writers prepare for a long term career in this screenwriting business. We can help!

Contact max@thestoryfarm.org for more details, and/or check out their webpage here.

Katherine Vanpelt

Katherine VanPelt is a full-time professional Screenwriter and Coverage Analyst whose aim is to make good stories great by offering 10+ pages of affordable and detailed script coverage, along with a number of other writing services. 

With over nine years of direct industry experience, Katherine VanPelt's clients include producers, directors, entertainment attorneys, actors and writers who have sought out her services in order to elevate their own material to its highest potential. 

Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran with a compelling script concept, often times writers have trouble understanding why their material is failing to get encouraging results when submitting to contests, companies and industry connections. Hearing that your material got a "pass" only tells you that someone didn't like what they read. If you're like most writers you don't want vague answers or general scores. You want to know exactly what's wrong and exactly how to fix it so that next time your script or concept gets the attention it deserves. Through in-depth coverage and well-versed screenwriting services, Katherine VanPelt offers good stories a second chance to become great. 

Katherine VanPelt's specialties include: Feature/Short Screenplays, Rewrites, Polishes, Coverage Analysis, Series Pilots/Bibles, Treatments and much more!

For reference, Katherine VanPelt is an optioned, produced and represented Screenwriter who currently reads and provides coverage for Little Studio Films. She is also a 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semi-finalist for her script, "The Circle and the Sway."

For more information on Katherine VanPelt and the services she offers to make good stories great, please visit www.katherinevanpelt.com.

Paul Cooper Screenwriting

Lemme guess. You want a better screenplay, right?


Well, here's what I'll do.  I'll read it and write an in-depth analysis and evaluation of your screenplay.  I'll find those specific reasons why your script doesn't work (assuming, of course, your script doesn't work).  I'll cover everything pertinent regarding the mechanics, formatting and story content.  I'll provide you with script/?page notes and offer specific suggestions to improve your story.  We can discuss it on the phone, if you like, and I'll help you with a one-page synopsis and the all-important agent query letter.  And I'll do all of this in a very professional and (you'll appreciate this) compassionate manner.  Everything we discuss will be kept strictly confidential and you will retain sole ownership of the material at all times.  And I will perform the services we agree upon in a timely manner; usually a 5-7 day turnaround.  NOT 5 WEEKS!


My job isn't to cut off your legs. I'm going to give you the tools you need to be the best writer you can be.


My philosophy is, keep it simple, Jack.  Some folk go into theory and 9 to 24 Act structure, myth creation and thematic whatzit.  Makes me dizzy.  I simply show you why your story works or fails.  I already know you have too many words and not enough story.  Your script is packed with story stoppers and deadwood -- I will seek out and destroy them.  We'll discuss in length your structure, pacing, characterization and the all-important dialogue.  Earl Hamner, my mentor and creator of "The Waltons" and "Falcon Crest,” told me that after a character speaks 16 words, the audience stops listening.


So now you're convinced.  You're willing to peel off some skins and hand your baby over to a pro.


But which pro? Who am I?


Paul W. Cooper has been awarded 3 Emmys (5 nominations), the Humanitas Prize (2 nominations) and the Writers Guild Award with 4 nominations.  The Western Writers of America honored me with their Spur Award and my feature film won Best Picture at a number of prestigious film festivals.  Current projects include a movie for Showtime, produced and directed by Salma Hayek winning 5 Emmy nominations and the Writers Guild Award.  My Hallmark Channel movie is the 3rd highest rated Hallmark Channel film of all time and spawned two sequels.  The Disney Channel bought and produced one of my scripts and The Animal Planet produced another.  I wrote and directed the interactive video game, CHESS WARS: A MEDIEVAL FANTASY, which won Best New Game honors. I have over 60 produced credits, 35 years as a working Hollywood writer and 15 as a script consultant. I was ranked among the top 6 (out of 163) consultants in the business by Creative Screenwriting Magazine.

Did I mention I have taught Writing for Film and Television at Pepperdine University?

CAUTION: Do your homework before settling on a script consultant. Ask them for their credits.  Find out just how many scripts they've actually written (and sold).  Most of these professionals are readers, not writers. Some will charge you $350 up to $850 and more. Seems kind of steep to me. Some will charge you $90 for script coverage. Coverage is useless for developing your script.

I charge $265. That’s fair. And take a look at my Imdb page: http://www.imdb.me/paulw.cooper.

I don’t see any other consultants recommending you to look at their Imdb.

Send me your script and let’s make a movie.

A Film Writer Terri Zinner


Terri is an award-winner independent producer has been in story development for several years. 

She is the former SVP of Development at Gallagher Literary and
Producer of the independent feature film EL CAMINO

She has also worked on the award-winning film MONDAY MORNING as well as other independent projects. 


Being named as one of the top story consultants in Creative Screenwriting Magazine Terri is a sought-out story and screenplay analyst.

Terri founded the website A FILM WRITER and developed the Screenplay Reader Training. She mentors and trains a team of screenplay readers. 

Terri believes in providing affordable screenplay and script coverage and training for the writer. She deeply believes in the creative process. 






Crime Writers Consultations

Sgt. Derek Pacifico retired from active duty in 2012 after 22 years of service with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. During his tenure in one of the busiest homicide units in the United States, Pacifico became an expert in the field of interview and interrogation, crime scene investigations and the role of a homicide investigator. He developed and taught the first ever two-week homicide school in California. As of today, it is still the only class like it in all of law enforcement. 


Taking his energetic and entertaining lecturing style to fiction writers of novel and screenplay, Sgt. Pacifico has made his mark as the premier law enforcement consultant with his internationally acclaimed  Writers' Homicide School. In this two-day seminar, writers are brought through the basic law enforcement academy, patrol tactics, detective and rank promotions and the unltimately into the daily role of a homicide detective. The final day of the seminar is spent almost exclusively on the interview and interrogation process, the writers (and sarge's) favorite part!


But if you can't make it to a full seminar, Pacifico is available to you through his personal and private consultations, script reviews, chapter reviews and telephone/Skype/FaceTime conversations.


Check out www.crimewritersconsultations.com to learn more or contact Sgt. Derek Pacifico and Crime Writers Consultations.  

Barri Evins Big Ideas The Script Doctor
Beyond coverage, this is like having a producer on your team determined to make your project succeed. We maximize your strengths, elevate story and boost your projectís marketablility.
No Bullscript Consulting
Danny Manus is one of the most in-demand script consultants & lecturers as CEO of No BullScript Consulting & author of No B.S. for Screenwriters:Advice from the Executive Perspective.
Script Guide
Script Guide is a screenplay consultation service for emerging screenwriters and television writers who want to get their scripts in tip-top shape.
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Media Goddess Coaching
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