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Actor's Resource
Actors Federal Credit Union
Actors Federal Credit Union is a cooperatively run, not-for-profit financial organization founded on the principle that financial security should extend to actors, too. ActorsFCU has given artists and performers the credit they need to help them realize their dreams.
Background Actor's Resource
Are you a Background Artist looking for a calling service who will invest in YOU as much as they do the casting directors who book you.
Actors Info Booth
Our website offers over 400 pages of articles, tips and news to support artists on their journey. We offer private coaching and career consulting.
Pacific Conservatory Of The Performing Arts
At PCPA, the student's professional training begins right away. Acting students are immersed in the life of the conservatory, jumping right into rigorous skills training and studio work
Encore Demos
Here at Encore Demos we know that time is precious and that Agents, Casting Directors or even the common viewer no longer has the attention span to watch a full length 3 minute demo any
Backstage - Then And Now: 5 Big Changes In Demo Reels
Technology has changed the structure and purpose of the demo reel. With the advent of online submission sites and self-production, there have been five distinct changes in demo reels in
Rapid Reelz
Whether you want to build your portfolio with some new original content showcasing your acting talents or just require a new (or updated) demo reel, we can help in your journey as a
Create Your Reel
For over four years, Create Your Reel (CYR) has produced demo reels for actors of the highest production value. We write, shoot and edit scenes that showcase the actor.
Daily Actor - Acting Resume
An actorís resume, along with an actorís headshot, is your calling card. Itís there to not only show off your experience and past work but also your education and acting classes youíve