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The Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts
HKAPA provides professional undergraduate education and practice-based postgraduate studies in Chinese Opera, Dance, Drama, Film and Television, Music and Theatre & Entertainment Arts.
Maps Film School
The Media Arts Production Skills FILM SCHOOL program at Hamilton College has a history of preparing filmmakers that spans more than twenty years.
Footscray City Films
Footscray City Films has held a significant place in Australian social and educational history, and is widely recognised for its initiatives, its standards of excellence in film & TV.
Sydney Film School
Our aim at Sydney Film School is to develop well-rounded people, courageous in their endeavours, curious and open to life’s marvels and compassionate in their dealings with one another.
Matrikas Film School
The Matrikas Film School is a premier creative institute for emerging filmmakers, using 16mm film and digital technologies.The School's friendly staff emphasize team building.
Citypulse Institute Of Film & Television
City Pulse grew to include an amphitheatre, a concert hall, a studio, an art gallery, a pavilion, a teaching block, a bookstore and even a discotheque.
Fx School
FX School is a high quality institute in the fields of animation, visual effects, digital painting, photography and digital filmmaking, collectively called digital content creation.
Ramoji Academy Of Film And Television
We are young, but you can trace our lineage to the rich history of Indian Cinema. The institute offers a multi-discipline Post Graduate Diploma programme in filmmaking.
Nyfa Mumbai
Study filmmaking and acting for film in the center of the world's largest film industry with New York Film Academy Mumbai.
Reel Edge Film Academy
The Reel Edge Film Academy is an elite, boutique film academy made from the ground up to make sure our students, after graduating, get work. It's situated in Johannesburg, South Africa.