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Screenwriting Resource
Storyforward La
Originally formed as TRANSMEDIA LOS ANGELES in December 2009, this group is committed to the education, innovation and incubation of new and exploratory ways to tell stories.
Write For Hollywood
Screenwriting is different from novel writing, and writing for television is different from writing for film. Write For Hollywood provides tips for aspiring professional screenwriters.
Sundance Tv
Launched in 1996 and owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc., SundanceTV delivers on the spirit of founder Robert Redford’s mission to celebrate creativity.
Storyboard Screenplay Development Group
StoryBoard Development Group meets on the 20th Century Fox studio lot on the 2nd Monday of every month for analysis and in-depth discussion of current feature screenplays.
Catharsis, Llc
Catharsis offers in-depth script consulting, mentoring and screenwriting intensives for writers ready to get serious about their craft.
Done Deal Pro
Done Deal Pro tracks the various script, book, treatment, and pitch sales and options made in Hollywood each day as well as internationally with a database of over 17,000 film deals.
Screenwriting Staffing
We believe every screenwriter has the ability to sell their screenplay and get paid to write. That's why we have produced over 100 success stories since our creation.
Logline It!
Try your logline on our readers before spending months writing your script. This is not a contest, there are no prizes. All you'll get is some help from your fellow writers.
Desk Of Amy Suto
I'm a caffeine connoisseur, word enthusiast, and a screenwriting BFA at the University of Southern California. I like ballroom dancing, archery, driving golf carts, and eating danger...
Truby Writers Studio
John Truby is Hollywood’s premiere screenwriting instructor and story consultant. Over the last 25 years, more than 30,000 people have attended his sold-out seminars around the world.