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Exclusively for shorts, the goal of Artists Alliance Short Screenplay Contest is to recognize and reward the screenwriter, independent filmmaker, or ambitious writer-director who creates an exceptional artistic and innovative short screenplay.  


The 2016 Artists Alliance Short Screenplay Contest will award one exceptional screenwriter the Screenwriter of the Year Scriptfest Getaway Package, a 3 day trip to Los Angeles to mingle with writers and meet with executives at the 2016 ScriptFest!


Any short screenplay 20 pages or less is welcome, the more original the better!  We strive to find and reward the “outside the mainstream” content, and we are open to all genres and styles.

Registration ended: 04/10/16

The Artists Alliance Short Screenplay Contest is in its first year, and its aim is “to support, expose, and connect writers and filmmakers from around the world who have a common interest in creating original short screenplays that emphasize artistry, style, and expression.” Building from the ground up, this contest is on track to become a significant resource in the short film medium, especially geared to helping budding screenwriters and independent filmmakers begin their journey into filmmaking.  It welcomes any genre, any style, from any writer- as long as it is 20 pages or less.

The contest awards over $2,000 in cash awards and prizes, Screenwriter of the Year recognition, public award announcement, and referrals to industry sources as well as in-house production companies.

Whether you plan on producing your short screenplay down the road, or if you are solely a writer and are looking to get your screenwriting style out into the filmmaking community, the Artists Alliance Short Screenplay Contest wants to assist. Through funding, collaboration, and motivation, content of all types can be created and promoted in a growing community of fellow artists who greatly value the medium of short films, in which one can so concisely and powerfully display their talent as a writer or filmmaker with limited budgets and reasonable resources.

The deadline for the 2015 contest is October 1st, so submit now!

Registration ended: 10/01/15

Now approaching its 40th year, the Atlanta Film Festival (ATLFF)-an Academy Award®-qualifying festival-is the area's preeminent celebration of cinema. One of the largest and longest-running festivals in the country, ATLFF invites an audience of nearly 25,000 to experience the moving image by showcasing both emerging artists and filmmakers alongside the industry's most compelling works that push the boundaries of independent cinema.


Since developing our Screenplay Competition in 2008, ATLFF has been working hard to highlight and foster works of talented writers. In our competition, we look for innovative and compelling storytelling, for characters that surprise and challenge us, for words that pop off the page, and for narratives that twist and turn like a country back road. This year we're accepting both feature scripts and pilot scripts; you're more than welcome to submit in both categories.


Feature Scripts may be within 80-130 pages in length. Anything outside of that page range will not be considered for the competition.

Television Scripts may be between 10-70 pages in length. Upon submission, the writer must indicate the nature of the television script: webisode, comedy, drama, or any combination of the above


Please see "Rules" tab for additional guidelines. 


Important Dates:

Late January - Finalists Announced 

Registration ended: 12/11/15


ALL film and script submissions are guaranteed a professional film review published to Atlas + Aeris Magazine and the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Every submission is eligible to win Atlas Awards and screen at the Atlas Awards International Film Festival.


The Atlas Awards are unique because we offer international visibility – regardless of whether your work is ultimately awarded or screened. If you would like a professional film review in an international film publication with a global audience, submit your work to us – and in addition to considering your film for the Atlas Awards International Film Festival, we will also publish a professional review of your film to Atlas + Aeris, the international magazine of independent film.


See what our review of your film will look like: AtlasAeris.com

Registration ended: 05/01/15

Welcome to the Aura Screenwriter Awards! Our mission is to recognize new and emerging screenwriters and filmmakers. We offer competitive entry fees in addition to a $1,000 AURA Screenwriter Award and a $500 AURA Filmmaker Award.



Feature Screenplays (85-150 pages)
Feature screenplays of all genres.

Original TV Pilots (25-65 pages)
Pilots for an original TV series.

Existing Series TV Specs (25-65 pages)
Spec episode for an existing TV series.
**Note: Submit TV Specs via TV Pilot category

Short Screenplays (under 25 pages)
Short screenplays of all genres. 



Short Films (under 25 minutes)
Short films of all genres.  


Quarterfinalists: December 6, 2015
Semifinalists: December 13, 2015
Finalists: December 20, 2015
Winners: December 27, 2015

Registration ended: 11/27/15

Our mission is to recognize new and emerging screenwriters by providing affordable entry fees and cash awards in all categories for screenwriters that win the Gold Award, Silver Award, or Bronze Award.



Feature Film Screenplays (85-150 pages)

Feature screenplays of all genres.


Original TV Pilots (25-65 pages)

Pilots for an original TV series.


Short Film Screenplays (under 25 pages)

Short screenplays of all genres. 


Early Deadline October 1, 2014

Regular Deadline November 1, 2014

Final Deadline December 31, 2014


Quarterfinalists February 1, 2015

Semifinalists March 1, 2015

Finalists April 1, 2015

Winners May 1, 2015 


  •  Feature Film Screenplays
    • Gold Award $200
    • Silver Award $150
    • Bronze Award $100
  •  Original TV Pilots
    • Gold Award $200
    • Silver Award $150
    • Bronze Award $100
  •  Short Film Screenplays
    • Gold Award $200
    • Silver Award $150
    • Bronze Award $100
Registration ended: 12/31/14

For over two decades, Austin Film Festival has been launching writers into their careers. This year more than ever, AFF celebrates its long and growing track record by creating a week that will change your life. With one of the most respected Screenplay and Teleplay competitions, AFF yanks newcomers from the isolation of their desks and catapults them into the bustling world of the film industry. Whether your dream is signing a contract, landing an agent, learning craft from an industry icon, or taking home the coveted Bronze Typewriter Award, you can't win if you don't enter.

The Conference is the film industry's best kept secret. Keeping the focus on craft, it's an intense idea exchange among such stellar participants as John August, Cary Fukunaga, Jenny Lumet, and John Ridley. Parties each night are famous (and infamous) for bringing these veteran creators in intimate contact with emerging writers and artists. Screenplay Finalists and Winners are presented alongside such luminaries as 2014's Jim Sheridan, Matthew Weiner, and Edward Zwick at the highly anticipated Awards Luncheon ceremony. Second Rounders, Semifinalists, and Finalists proudly show off registration badges designating their placement in the competition. By submitting a script, you tap into this legendary meetup of pros and peers.


Not only do all entrants receive registration discounts, but you get even bigger discounts when you place in the competition. Unlike at other screenplay competitions, your experience with AFF doesn't end after making the first cut. Second Rounders (the esteemed top 10-12% in each category), Semifinalists, and Finalists attend special panels, programmed specifically for them and closed to regular badge holders.

2014 Second Rounders attended workshops like "The Cold Open" with TV producers Stephen Falk (Weeds, Orange is the New Black) and Christine Boylan (Once Upon a Time, Constantine) where pre-selected Second Round scripts were read, evaluated, and refined to provide insight on what producers look for in those crucial first few pages of a pilot script. Second Rounders also participated in our popular "Industry Lunches" where pre-selected writers picked the brains of industry pros, including Adam Kolbrenner (co-founder of Madhouse Entertainment), Phil Rosenthal (creator of Everybody Loves Raymond), and Tom Schulman (writer of Dead Poets Society, What About Bob?).
Panels with successful AFF Screenplay Competition alumni who discussed how they made the most of their competition placement


At the Semifinalist level and above, judges-including professional writers and representatives from major studios and production companies-actively seek scripts and talent. In past years, these judges have included representatives from Oasis Media Group, Mosaic Media, ABC Studios, Paradigm Agency, Di Bonaventura Pictures, Kopelson Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Escape Artists at Sony, Washington Square Arts, Fourth Floor Productions, Haven Entertainment, Artisan, CAA, Brant Rose Agency, WME, DreamWorks, Pixar, and many more.

What's more, all 2015 Second Rounders, Semifinalists, and Finalists will receive vital industry feedback for their entry scripts. Semifinalists and Finalists' loglines and contact information will also be included in the annual Producer's Book, distributed to all attending AFF panelists as well as over 400 agents, managers, producers, and other industry professionals.

AFF's Screenplay & Teleplay Competition is one of the most acclaimed contests within the industry for launching the careers of up-and-coming writers. It's no surprise that past competition entrants have signed with major agencies and production companies and have had their scripts optioned, acquired, and produced.. Most recently, Troy Miller, the 2013 winner of the Horror Screenplay Award, had his script optioned by Frank Darabont's Darkwoods Productions. And at the 2014 Festival, AFF presented the world premiere of Dawn Patrol, a film produced from a 2008 Finalist script written by Rachel Long and Brian Pittman that was acquired by Enderby Entertainment. The film is directed by Daniel Petrie, Jr., and stars Scott Eastwood, Rita Wilson, and Jeff Fahey.

Registration ended: 05/15/18

The Avanti Productions Short Screenplay Competition is not the typical screenwriting competition, but a door to opportunity - because we are now searching for the best short script to produce!


To do this, we have enlisted the help of industry insiders, award winning directors, producers, professional writers, and high-profile actors to read and select.


Writers can submit short film scripts only. The contest is open to all genres.


We are open to receiving submissions in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Romanian. If you are making a submission in any other language than English you should also include an English translation of your script as a standard. We will not be able to consider submissions not backed by an English translation.


This competition is open to SHORT FILIM SCRIPTS - up to 30 pages (between 8-15 is recommended).


Avanti Productions & Management is dedicated to creating some of the world's most original,  exciting, mind-bending, visually stunning, and brilliantly written independent films - and we want you to be a part of the journey and the magic.


Important Dates:

12/17/15 - Semi-finalists Announced 

12/30/15 - Finalists Announced

1/4/16 - Grand Prize Winner Announced

Registration ended: 12/15/15
The International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema Amsterdam is situated in North Holland, Netherlands. The festival is filled with a wealth of talent from around the world. With over 10 years of success, our group of festivals, including Nice, Berlin, London, Madrid, Amsterdam and Milan, strive to provide attendees with invaluable networking events amongst other filmmakers in addition to advice and tips from a panel of industry professionals. All of this is neatly wrapped in a week-long showcasing of submitted films across many genres and styles.

It is an unmissable experience which caters for an array of needs, be it an individual seeking production of a developed script, or filmmakers looking for distribution of their own film.
Registration ended: 05/31/19