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Glossary for Filmmaking Terms

The "talent" who plays the role of a character.

Ad Lib

Improvised lines, phrases, or even action bits used by an actor in spontaneous reaction to the given situation of a scene.


Rewriting of fact or fiction for film presentation, usually in the form of a completed screenplay, or a proposal treatment.

Added Scenes

Material, shots, sequences, or scenes written into a script during its principal filming or after its completion.

Additional Camera

An extra camera operator, often needed for complicated action sequences or stunts.

Additional Dialogue Recording

AKA "A.D.R." The dubbing (re-recording) of additional dialogue in a film.

Additional Photographer/ Photography

Handles the secondary shooting or reshoots.


Dual meaning: When referring to a "composite print:" the distance between a point on the soundtrack and the corresponding image. When referring to "payment:" an amount given before receipt of services.

Aerial Shot

Camera shot from the point-of-view of an airborne craft, such as an airplane or helicopter.

Agency Meeting

Gathering in which a potential client of an agency meets with the agents to discuss the agents' plan and goals for creating a career for the potential client.