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I have an unequaled track-record of proven successes on behalf of aspiring screenwriters at Hollywood's best literary agencies, top management-production companies, and major movie stud
New England Screenwriters
Whether you've just completed your first pass or your final draft, a second opinion can help transform your vision into the kind of script that makes a good first impression.
Dr. Shonda Lackey, Script Consultant

Do you want to actualize your artistic vision by incorporating the psychology of human behavior? If so, contact me for a script analysis.  Or, order my book, The Psychology & Art of Character Development, on Amazon.

I'm Dr. Shonda Lackey, a NYC based licensed psychologist and Arts enthusiast.  I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and an extensive background in human behavior and interpersonal dynamics.  Additionally, I have firsthand experience helping diverse groups of people to overcome self-defeating patterns. My personal and professional belief is that the Arts inspire and challenge us to think about ourselves and life in new ways.

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Rum House Productions, L.l.c.
Award winning screenplay writer to consult, tutor. Specialize in Character Development and Dialog. Available to help you get your script to the next level.
Fresh Voices
Fresh Voices is a network of experienced industry professionals arming screenwriters with the tools, guidance and opportunities to succeed, while offering the industry a trusted conduit
Script Gods Must Die
Paul Peditto is an award-winning screenwriter and director. His low-budget film Jane Doe starring Calista Flockhart won Best Feature at the New York Independent Film & Video Festival.
Fan Connectivity
All successful entertainment franchise properties have a loyal fanbase. Fan Connectivity helps you get that elusive organic buzz you've been looking for by feeding their excitement.
Annette Chandler has produced films for Paramount, Disney, PBS, ABC and CBS. In 2002, she won an Emmy as Executive Producer of Ansel Adams: A Documentary.
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I'm a scriptwriting advisor, consultant, teacher, mentor, muse and manager with over 18 years as Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret. I work with all levels.
StoryPros is owned and operated by award-winning screenwriters and professional studio readers who provide professional script analysis services. For daily screenwriting links and Sto