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Glossary for Filmmaking Terms

Manager responsible for the professional business dealings of an actor, director, screenwriter, or other artist. An agent typically negotiates the contracts and often has some part in selecting or recommending roles for their client.

American Cinematic Editors

Union guild for film/video editors; also known as ACE

American Society Of Cinematographers

Organization dedicated to advancing the art of cinematography.


Optical system which creates a widescreen image from a standard image.

Ancillary Rights

Enable the screenwriter to receive a percentage of the profits generated by the film in areas such as posters, action figures, books, records, T-shirts, etc.


Relationship between the camera and the subject(s) of the shot.

Angle On

Direction in a shooting script which indicates that another camera angle is to be made of a previous shot, usually to emphasize a specific object in the shot.


Process of creating (or person responsible for) the illusion of motion by creating individual frames, as opposed to filming naturally-occurring action at a regular frame rate.


Animated movies produced in Japan.


Comment specifying the source of each script element that is not wholly fictional, including all characters, events, settings, and segments of dialogue.