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Fahy Films
John Fahy is a screenwriter, script doctor, and former Miramax Films creative executive. He specializes in reworking, rewriting, and re-imagining projects currently in development.
Screenwright(r) Script Formatters
These free LibO+OOo Writer 4.x+3.x+2.x templates will format your scripts to industry standards. Screenwright(R) screenplay formatter won a $3,333 cash award from Sun Microsystems.
Angie's Diary | Emagazine
Online magazine, featuring original stories and essays, along with staff-written blogs on politics, technology, art, and pop culture.
Elizabeth Ayres Center For Creative Writing
For 25 years, The Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing has provided inspiring instruction and supportive community for aspiring writers.
Mia Terra Retreats
Diana Osberg co-wr?ote the screenplay for the award-winning feature THE JOURNEY. Her thriller VIRTUAL WITNESS is featured in the book "Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay."
Mindspawn Media Limited
New script consultancy services now available from Mindspawn Media Limited. My company has a range of notes and analysis on offer from a writer who knows how to elevate your work.
International Screenwriters' Association

We are squarely focused on supporting emerging screenwriters in their professional growth by providing nearly every tool and resource available in the industry. It's our express goal to support writers of any level or background, who are proactive in developing their careers and are willing to learn from the insights and expertise of our community members. Screenwriting takes perseverance. The harder you work, the better this site will work for you.

Scripts-On-Time is your home for professional script synopses, estimate timings and script polishes. I provide a secure and confidential service with a fast turn around.
PageCraft has been helping writers bridge the gap between hobby and career since 2008. And their alumni have the contest wins and writing jobs to show for it.
Science News For Writers
How to create believable characters, write accurate story arcs and place your characters in the right setting, from pre-history or the future. based on the latest research.