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The 2014 Family-friendly Screenplay Contest is open for entries!

Calling all faith-friendly and family-friendly feature film screenplays! Families are the most influential movie-going audience, yet there's a surprising lack of high-quality family films that appeal to the WHOLE family. This contest avoids the genre-bias of some other contests by seeking exclusively screenplays that are life-affirming stories of faith, courage, hope and love. Whether you have a family drama, comedy, animation, or action-adventure film, WE WANT TO READ YOUR SCRIPT. We have producers who are hungry for high-quality "four-quadrant" projects to package and produce. Will your script win?



1st Place
$1,500 Cash
Phone or in-person consultation with a top literary manager!
Phone call with a top family-friendly film producer!
Professional notes from one of our studio judges!


2nd Place
$500 Cash
A phone consultation with a top literary manager!


Top 5 Finalists
A page of professional development notes from one of our studio judges! Additionally the Top 5 finalists will receive a full one-year's subscription to WriterDuet Pro, real-time collaborative screenwriting software that's chock full of great features you won't find anywhere else!


The 2014 jury features these family-friendly Hollywood executives:


Josh Nadler
VP of Development at Affirm Films, the company behind such faith-friendly hits as: Fireproof, Soul Surfer, Facing the Giants, Mom's Night Out!


Alden Dalia
development executive at Sony Pictures Entertainment, the company behind such family-friendly blockbusters as Goosebumps, Smurfs, Annie, The Karate Kid, Stuart Little, Grown Ups, Zookeeper, Pink Panther, Paul Blart and more!


Dan Finley
development executive at Chernin Entertainment, with such credits as Parental Guidance, Planet of the Apes and several big studio family films in development!

Registration ended: 12/30/17
The 2017 Orb Media China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship is open for applications!Win $13,000 + travel to China for cross-cultural mentorship!
This is the first cross-cultural screenwriting mentorship program to develop writers in both English and Chinese languages. Screenwriters worldwide are encouraged to submit original feature film screenplays in English or Chinese promptly for consideration by the final application deadline on February 10th, 2017. Orb Media Group will select four (4) winners who will each be offered an option fee of at least WGA minimum (up to $13,374) against a six-figure purchase price at WGA scale contingent on production (up to $133,739 each, depending on the final budget of each film). Orb Media Group and its partners will financially back and develop the projects for production and distribution with partners in China and the United States. Orb Media will also provide the winners with round-trip travel to the Beijing Film Festival in April 2017 to participate in special training and mentorship programs in partnership with the Beijing Film Academy.
Registration ended: 01/31/18

The ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship is designed to advance the careers of talented screenwriters through ongoing consultation and introductions to key entertainment executives and talent representatives. This is not merely a script contest; it is a chance to enter an intensive program meant to foster relationships between emerging screenwriters and industry professionals.  With this fourth-annual fellowship, we aim to cultivate a growing community of visionary screenwriters with meaningful connections to industry mentors.


Up to four winners (TV and/or Film) will receive a year of consultation and development plus: 

  • $1,000 stipend and round-trip travel to Los Angeles* to be mentored one-on-one by industry professionals:
  • Meeting with a literary agent with at least one of the big five agencies (WME, CAA, UTA, ICM, Paradigm)
  • Meetings with hand-picked development executives and industry representatives at such companies as: Warner Bros, Fox, Universal Studios, MGM, Lionsgate, Focus Features, Mosaic Media, Kaplan/Perone, Walden, and many more.
  • A full scholarship to Robert McKee's world renown story seminar ($865 value)
  • Mentorship with Academy Wward winning mentors including:
  • Geoffrey Fletcher: ACADEMY AWARD®-winning screenwriter of PRECIOUS and VIOLET & DAISY
  • Diana Ossana: ACADEMY AWARD®-winning screenwriter of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN
  • Robert Moresco:ACADEMY AWARD®-winning screenwriter of CRASH and producer of MILLION DOLLAR BABY
  • Kristina Reed: ACADEMY AWARD®-winning Producer of Disney’s FEAST as well as BIG HERO 6, KUNG FU PANDA and studio executive on worldwide blockbuster FROZEN.
  • James V. Hart: Iconic screenwriter of such beloved films as HOOK, directed by Steven Spielberg, CONTACT, directed by Robert Zemeckis and BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and many others
Registration ended: 01/15/17

We offer a $1,000 cash prize for best feature and $500 for best short. 


The contest is in its FIFTH year and we are thrilled to announce that three of the winning short film scripts have gone into production in addition to winning cash prizes!


YEAR ONE WINNER, Carly Street's "Fragile Storm" was produced starring legendary Hollywood actor Lance Henriksen!


YEAR TWO WINNER, John Whetstone's "The Interrogation" was produced and went on to premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and screen at Dances With Films.


YEAR THREE WINNER, Fred Perry’s "Five Days in Calcutta" is going into production this summer! 


Yours could be next!

Registration ended: 05/27/15

We are really excited to bring back the 72 Script Fest with a brand new structure. One lucky winner will write a script in June and watch the finished movie in October!



Participating Writers will have 72 hours (June 19th-22nd) to write a 8-10 page short script based on randomly generated criteria given out to each writer. The winning writer will choose from a pool of teams to adapt their screenplay into a short film that will premiere at 72 Film Fest in October. Anyone in the world can participate providing the script is in English, and you're able to use PayPal.



Winning Writer will choose 3 teams from a volunteer pool of past 72 Film Fest Finalists. If circumstances prevent the first choice from adapting the screenplay, the screenplay will be given to the second choice and so on.


Chosen Team will have over a month to develop, shoot and edit the short film. Chosen Team can use up to 4 shooting days with Archai Media's a Red Epic Camera providing an Archai Media tech is on set as Assistant Camera or Director of Photography. Team is not required to use the Red Epic camera in part or full, and is not required to limit their entire shooting schedule to only those 4 days.



Add any logline to submit and you’ll be registered. Your content will not be used, it’s just to verify that you are a real person.


72 Script Fest is produced by the team behind 72 Film Fest, an annual time based film competition now in its 9th year.  

Registration ended: 06/19/14

Enter before the Regular Deadline (Sept. 8th) & Receive Your Scorecard and Judge's Notes for FREE!!


Now in our 7th year, Fresh Voices has distinguished itself as one of Hollywood's leading screenplay competitions. We offer every screenwriter FREE PROFESSIONAL SCRIPT FEEDBACK plus winning writers receive CASH & PRIZE PACKAGES worth over $20,000 and GUARANTEED SCRIPT CONSIDERATION from top Hollywood Production Companies.


What Makes Fresh Voices Unique?
  • The Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition is administered by knowledgeable, well connected insiders able to offer the tools, guidance and opportunities to succeed and judged by a panel of well known Industry Judges.

  • We support your progression as a screenwriter by offering constructive feedback on your  script for free. 

  • Beyond judging traditional criteria such as story, structure, tone, characters, dialogue and commerciality, we judge the originality and personality of your writing style; your voice.

  • We offer 11 genre categories and 10 unique awards to give every entrant the best chance of winning.

  • We use our direct relationships to put winning material directly into the hands of the people that matter, creating an effective and targeted approach to promote our winners. 

  • Fresh Voices donates a portion of competition proceeds directly to charity and lets you vote for the cause.


    "If I only enter one competition next year, it will be Fresh Voices"

    Alexi             Albequerque, New Mexico

    Read more testimonials here..!


    Registration ended: 11/07/18

    The DC Shorts Screenplay Competition awards up to $2,000 to a winning script, and guaranteed acceptance into the 2016 DC Shorts Film Festival.


    • We consider screenplays in every genre and subject matter. However, because the finalists are read in front of a live audience, the judging committee looks for material that can be successfully conveyed to a general audience in a table reading.


    • Scripts must be under 15 pages (not including a cover page).


    • Scripts must not be in production. The purpose of the competition and award money is to foster the creation and successful completion of an independent short film. All film/video shooting must take place after the award presentation.


    • DC Shorts has been named by MovieMaker Magazine year after year as one of 25 festivals worth the entry fee for our unique feedback system in which EVERY writer is able to review their scores and receive readers’ comments.


    • The 2014 script winner, BREAKIN(G) by David Feehan, is currently in production, and will premiere at the 2015 DC Shorts Film Festival. We are very proud to be one of the project’s producers.

    Registration ended: 05/30/15
    The Good. The True. The Beautiful. Values that transcend all races, cultures and religions. Throughout history, story has been a primary vehicle for bringing these things into our lives.

    Your film is no different.


    The industry — the world — needs films that transcend the human experience and writers that are filled with goodness, truth and beauty.


    At Act One, it doesn’t matter what level of experience you are, if you’ve got potential, we want to find and help you. This is why we’ve developed the ACT ONE SCREENPLAY COMPETITION.

    We want to give an undiscovered screenwriter, an artist that fills their work with goodness, truth and beauty, the opportunity to meet with producers and executives in Los Angeles that can help take your script and make it into a film.


    This competition isn’t for cash prizes, its for something even better. In lieu of a financial prize, we want to give you relationships…relationships with individuals with decades of experience in developing new creative talent. The winner of our screenplay competition will be given the resources, contacts and knowledge to turn your passion for screenwriting into a life-long career. We want to help you build a solid foundation for a sky-high career in the entertainment industry, not just another line on your resume.


    Why? Because the entertainment industry is all about relationships. Writing a great script is only the first step. The Act One screenplay competition will help you take that next step of developing relationships with key individuals that have the experience and ability to move your script and career forward.


    In addition, Act One is partnering with several multimillion dollar film funds to assist them in finding original, new screenplays to be developed into major motion pictures. The winner of this screenplay competition will be automatically considered by each of these film funds for a chance to be fully financed and produced.


    Don’t wait. Submit your screenplay today and see what doors open for you.

    Jump on in.


    Simply submit your best screenplay(s). One writer from the TOP 25 will be chosen. The judging criteria is based on overall script presentation, originality and marketability. Again, we are for looking for artists whose work represents a passion for story and is imbued with the good, the truth and the beautiful. Writers of all levels from around the world are encouraged to submit.


    The Mission

    Since 1999, Act One, Inc., has existed to create a community of Christian professionals for the entertainment industry who are committed to instilling goodness, truth and beauty into all they do, so that through their lives and work they may be witnesses of Christ to fellow artists and to the global culture.

    Registration ended: 12/01/16

    The Twelfth Annual Action On Film International Film Festival and Writer's Event is truly the festival of the independent filmmaker and writer. We bridge the gap between the industry and the artist with guests like Debra Kara Unger, Nick Mancuso, Harry Lennix, Eric Bana, Mark Ruffalo, John Savage and many others in attendance every season. We also feature top distributors and buyers from companies like Fairway Film Alliance, Multivisionnaire Distribution, Showcase Entertainment, Gorilla Pictures, Movie Heroes and more.  


    With an eleven year history of recognizing filmmakers at every level in some of the most gorgeous cinemas in the world, we create screenings and opportunities that no other festival offers. Action On Film means; 'The Action a director takes to make his or her vision come true and then the re-action to that effort by the audiences who watch it. Sure, we love action films but we get just as inspired by Comedy, Drama, Animation, Documentary and Experimental Projects.  


    Filmmakers like Stan Harrington, Kely McClung, Michelle Muldoon, Ken Lemm and many others credit us with getting their starts and we also have featured the work of hundreds of filmmakers and producers via our television programs; The AOF Channel from NBC and the currently running Del Weston's Action On Film which airs on Time Warner Cable, Champion Broadband, Peg Media and of course online.  Our 9 day event caps off with a star studded Black Tie Dinner and Award Show which has been selling out for ten years straight. Got a great project? Come be a part of the show! 


    Proudly Sponsored by the International Screenwriters' Association


    AOF 2016 is currently accepting submissions for Written Word projects in any genre under 20 pages in length:

    1. Written Word Shorts
    2. Written Word Scenes
    3. Written Word Sequences
    AOF 2016 is also accepting Feature Length Written Word projects in any genre OVER 20 pages in length: 
    1. Features
    2. Teleplays
    3. Reality Television 
    Registration ended: 08/03/18

    AGTSC, sponsored by RRSocial Public Benefit Corporation, is seeking engaging, positive, life affirming scripts for television and film. 

    • 10 - Runners Up will get "prize package" valued at $500
    • 10 - 1st Prize Winners will get $1,000 cash,  
    • 2 - Grand Prize Winners will get an option of the project, up to $75,000 compensation, and possible book publication offer.  

    This contest is EXCLUSIVE to ISA members.  Only ISA members are invited to enter!!

    Registration ended: 02/29/16