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Corpus Polymedia
For our clients we shoot YouTube videos, music videos, soundtrack videos, film score videos, corporate videos, motion pictures, documentaries, festival stingers, shorts, and more.
Story Telling Magic
Best selling author, awarded screenwriter, world traveler, wildlife warrior, I have been affectionately nicknamed "Xena", "The Mitzvah Girl", and "A Force of Nature".
Ambassador Communications
Multiple award-winning screenwriter and script consultant will help make your project a success. Specializing in Christian, family friendly, and issues-driven scripts.
Smash To: Script Consulting
I graduated with an MFA in Screenwriting from Chapman University. I am a script-advisor, treatment-consultant, voice-over writer and ghostwriter for a variety of production companies.
Nfdc National Script Lab
NFDC Labs brings you the 2nd National script Lab a long running Script Development Lab for Indian writers wanting to build and develop screenplays within an inspiring and challenging
Senseindia - Advanced Scriptwriting Workshop
Senseindia Foundation is a ‘Media Research and Education Forum’ is an organization house that endeavors to create awareness of Filmmaking Tool among intellectuals and media experts
Mumbai Mantra
Mumbai Mantra Media Ltd, the Media & Entertainment vertical of the Mahindra Group, is actively evaluating opportunities in content and infrastructure in the domestic as well as
Dr. Shonda Lackey, Script Consultant

Do you want to actualize your artistic vision by incorporating the psychology of human behavior? If so, contact me for a script analysis.  Or, order my book, The Psychology & Art of Character Development, on Amazon.

I'm Dr. Shonda Lackey, a NYC based licensed psychologist and Arts enthusiast.  I have a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and an extensive background in human behavior and interpersonal dynamics.  Additionally, I have firsthand experience helping diverse groups of people to overcome self-defeating patterns. My personal and professional belief is that the Arts inspire and challenge us to think about ourselves and life in new ways.

Visit my website for more information.

3rd Action
We are a group of international professional screenwriters from different parts of the world (America, Europe, and the Middle East). Our goal is to redefine the movie perspective.