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Glossary for Filmmaking Terms
Assembly Edit

Edit wherein all existing signals on a tape, if any, are replaced with new signals.

Assistant Art Director

Assistant to the art director.

Assistant Cameraman

Member of the camera crew who assists the camera operator and is responsible for the maintenance and care of the camera. Also may do duties of clapper-loader and/or focus puller.

Assistant Director

Duties include tracking the progress of filming versus the production schedule and preparing the call sheets.

Assistant Film Editor

Editing room crewmember responsible for providing logistical assistance to the editor. Duties vary, depending on whether picture or sound is being edited.

Assistant Production Manager

Assistant to production co-ordinator.

Associate Producer

Producer who shares responsibility for creative and business issues.

Association Of Film Commissioners International

Non-profit educational organization that assists the needs of on-location film, television and commercial production.

Association Of Film, Television And Radio Artists

Association with jurisdiction over some works that can be recorded by picture or by sound.

Association Of Motion Picture And Television Producers

Union guild for Film/TV producers.