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Filmmaking Resource
We believe short films pave the future of storytelling and that the most interesting stories aren’t being told in theaters or on TV, they’re being told here on the web.
The American Society Of Cinematographers
The American Society of Cinematographers was founded in Hollywood in 1919 with the dual purpose of advancing the art and science of cinematography and bringing cinematographers together
No Film School
We post the latest tutorials, interviews, short films, and gear news to help all of us become better filmmakers — “no film school” required. Total Film's Best Creative Blog, 2011.
We list services aimed to solve specific digital needs, compare and review them, offer our editor recommendation, and let you voice your opinion, as well as read opinions from others.
Creative Cow
Creative COW is the online home to the world's largest international community of people working in film, broadcast, audio/video, DVD and related fields.
Art Of The Guillotine
Aotg.com is a free tool that allows you to share content you create or find on the Internet with others in the post-production industry.
Baseline Intelligence
Baseline Intelligence is a part of Baseline - the world’s premier provider of film and television information, offers the most robust corporate film and television information tools.
Big Couch
Big Couch is a manifesto – we want to give more home-grown talent a voice. We energize the film industry to produce more independent films.
Cineola opens the door to one of the most exciting industries by giving you direct access to emerging talent and exclusive footage. Funding films that matter.
Fahy Films
John Fahy is a screenwriter, script doctor, and former Miramax Films creative executive. He specializes in reworking, rewriting, and re-imagining projects currently in development.