Candice Goodwin

Candice Michelle Goodwin was raised in South Africa, and reinvented in Australia. In addition to being passionate about writing, Candice has a strong background in science and engineering, and is a world traveler. 


Rebel With Cause (RWC) Productions is a registered business. Services include screenwriting, technical writing, concept and synopsis writing, as well as copy editing, PR & communications, and social media & blogging expertise.


Candice’s projects are currently a documentary on a Mars Analog Simulation Mission, to be filmed in 2017, where she will serve as a producer. Candice will also have a role as a producer on the Stephen Amell led feature film, Code 8, which will commence production during 2017 in North America.


Enter Entropy is a TV drama series concept created & written by Candice Goodwin. This fictional story draws on Candice’s experiences in the science and law enforcement arenas, and showcases a strong female protagonist.


Candice is the Media & Outreach Co-lead of the Space Generation Advisory Council in Support of the United Nations’ Space Exploration Project Group, which will be conducting a Mars Analogue Simulation Mission in Poland during 2017. She is also the Lead Copy Editor for the SGAC, editing reports from space faring nations around the globe, focusing on technical content and overcoming language barriers.


Candice has experience being interviewed by reporters, managing guests at TV & film events, and working with other professionals around the globe using various communications tools.