I think Julie did a marvellous job and I am really thankful to her. There are so many new nuances and creative new moments, it is more visual, and so many important details are added. Opening and ending are much more visual andimpressive. The whole text is vital, with clear, distinctive, and complete message to the audience. Julie is great. S. Di-Naham, published author.


You have made my year – F. Boonegross.


I sent her the information, and within a couple of hours, she was already on the job keeping me informed. I can honestly say she knows what she is doing. She’s coming off as a mentor as well, which is something I need. D. Rogers


PERFECTION! The script is Awesome! (I’m actually tearing up). All the flashback scenes are in place, you’re awesome! I feel confident that a producer will sign up to rock this project. I’m ecstatic. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know there’s still a process to go but I’m super happy with your work, experience, and knowledge. You’ve made me a better writer teaching me that I don’t have to sell out writing obscene material in order to write something dark and disturbing. C. Harris.


‘You have real talent. I’d like to meet with you’.
Lonnie Ramati – Millennium Films


‘Julie Paupe is a feature film writer with considerable talent and vision. Julie has two feature film scripts, highly worthy of reading, producing and delivering to a wide international audience. Having collaborated with Julie over a considerable time span, I earnestly endorse her writing skills, talent, and passion’.
John Hipwell
Producer/Director/Writer – Hipwell International Production Services


‘We are impressed by the professional quality of your writing and presentation, and the compelling drive of your narrative’.
The Tennyson Agency


‘You have a fab story on your hands. I can see and read you are on the cusp of some thing extremely interesting’.     It will be better than “The Matrix” once the script is final draft’.
John Hipwell, producer/director of Hipwell International Production Services


‘The premise is awesome’
Steven Rumbelow, Renegade Motion Pictures
Steven Rumbelow


‘Life Travelers sounds fantastic, and I would love to be involved. From the details you have been able to share, this is exactly the type of project I have been looking for…and the type of dynamic character that I love to sink my teeth into’.
Adrienne Wilkinson, Actress from Xena Warrior Princess and producer.
Agent: Beverly Brock


‘So brilliantly written’.
Kathrin Lausch, Producer, Marketing & Business Master.


‘You got the look and the idea dead on’.
Yossi Bechor – CEO, Wonder Works Films