You've spent months writing your screenplay. You think the script is ready to send to the film companies. They'll give it to a single reader. His four-page script coverage report will either make or break your screenplay. Is your film script ready for this? Wouldn't you like to know how your screenplay will be perceived before you submit it? 


Get the experts on your side. Drawing on 8 years experience as a script doctor and screenplay reader for major Hollywood film companies, Peter Soutter has developed a range of screenwriting services, including script coverage, analysis and screenplay formatting, to make your script impress the people that matter. 


Peter Soutter is a recommended script consultant/story analyst of the Screenwriters Federation of America.




Studio Coverage

Price: $250

Film companies hire script readers to evaluate your script in a three-four page coverage report plus a one-word recommendation. The film company executive decides whether or not to pursue your script based solely on this report. Script Surgery will provide a carbon-copy, studio-style script coverage that gives the scriptwriter the chance to rework his/her screenplay before that all-important submission, without the pain of rejection.


  • Logline
  • One page synopsis
  • Easy reference chart of script strengths and weaknesses
  • 2 pages of comments detailing the positives and negatives of character, dialogue, premise, structure, main plot and subplots, story development and market potential.
  • A "pass," "recommend" or "consider" decision on your screenplay.

Script Analysis

Price: $420

Do you think your script needs another draft? Tired of doing it on your own? You need an objective, industry professional who has taken hundreds of scripts through this difficult last draft. Script Surgery's script doctoring analysis is a 10-15 page report with line-by-line script editor's notes detailing what needs to be addressed in the next rewrite.


  • Logline
  • One page synopsis
  • Easy reference chart of script strengths and weaknesses
  • Plus:
  • Line by line analysis focusing on problems and suggesting solutions for:
  • Dialogue tightening
  • Character strengthening
  • Story arcs and plot development
  • Structural suggestions and scene placement
  • Each topic assesses the strength and weakness of the material,always with the market in mind. Script Surgery will also let you know what you should not change!

Treatment Analysis

Price: $150

Have you got a great idea for a script? Are you thinking about submitting a treatment to a film company or funding body before you write your script? Let Script Surgery cast an expert eye over it and make it as marketable as possible.

Our two page report includes:

  • Logline
  • Easy reference chart of script strengths and weaknesses.
  • Comments on basic premise of the film with a clear eye to marketability.
  • Comments on major plot flaws and character weaknesses.
  • A "pass," "recommend" or "consider" decision on your treatment.
  • *For up to 30 Pages

Book-to-Script Evaluation

Price: $550

Books are the most common source of non-original screenplays. The adaptation of a 300-page book into a 100-page screenplay is a complex and delicate business.

Script Surgery will help you by writing a detailed report focusing on:

  • Identifying the main plotline
  • Exposing the main characters
  • Deciding which sub-plots to keep and which to drop
  • Deciding which minor characters to keep and which to drop
  • Script Surgery will offer its expert, no-nonsense opinion on whether film companies will consider the adaptation worthwhile.
  • *Books up to 300 Pages

Synopsis and Cover Letter Composition

Price: $250

When you submit your script to a film company, it must be accompanied by a synopsis and a cover letter. A winning synopsis and cover letter will ensure that your script avoids the 'immediate rejection' pile.

  • Script Surgery will write a cover letter and synopsis to best present and sell your script to the people that matter.
  • *If you have already availed of our Script Coverage or Analysis, the price will be reduced to US$100. Please email us for details.

Telephone Consultation

Price: $100

You have a great idea for a script but you want to run it by an expert first. This 1/2 hour telephone brainstorming session allows you to discuss and develop your idea so that you can begin writing straightaway. Get the inside track on what you need to know, major mistakes to avoid and that all-important resolution.


Proofreading and Formatting

Price: $400

  • Spelling mistakes, sloppy grammar and poor formatting will cripple a script's chance. Script Surgery will proofread and format the script to industry standard.
  • *Up to 100 Pages