We are a team of accredited and inspired individuals including leading industry producers, entrepreneurs, artists, programmers, analysts, lawyers and accountants that all have two things in common: a) Love of cinema, the arts and creativity and b) We all get emotional when we see people make their dreams come true. We constantly work on improving our service, promoting projects and reviewing ideas. We love what we do because we give creative people a chance to make it happen; and that’s just magic!




We specialize in delivering the best feature film, series and TV show ideas to the Hollywood film industry and studios like Columbia, Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Paramount as well as many others are just waiting to hear about the next best concept. Thanks to writers, directors, producers and ordinary people with great ideas, we receive hundreds of plot summaries every week which means only one thing; we have the best ideas in the market. We use our influence in order to make sure that our clients monetize their great concepts to the fullest.