Hi, thanks for contacting me. I work with lots of writers, screenwriters, TV writers, and novelists, and nonfiction authors. I'm a Career Coach (and also have a license to practice psychotherapy -- which I also do with writers).   I have some free offers:

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I have a blog called Hollywood Therapy. Check it out for free advice and Hollywood Life Hacks.   Heres the link 


Join my Facebook Group LA Creative Professionals.  That's free, too.  I and other writers will answer your questions.

So most of my writer clients are looking for advice about writing and how to sell their scripts. And script-doctoring. I have TV writers who are writing pilots and spec scripts (like Modern Family , Game of Thrones, etc) but need help getting it into professional shape.


I do read scripts and offer advice. I work with my clients on multiple projects, at the beginning, at the outline stage, to get them into a solid structure, in the middle, (helping with scene work, rewrites), motivation to write, or after the script is written. Plus I just offer general advice on how to get a Hollywood job.


I've had lots of Hollywood jobs, like being a production assistant, a story analyst (reader) for the studios, tv writer, staff writer, showrunner, Exec Producer, Creator, Screenwriter.


I charge $300 to read, evaluate and give you an hour of feedback -- of constructive criticism, helping you find answers to will only improve your script.  Beyone that, I charge $100 per hour for further coaching.  ($90 per hour for you)

I'm there at any point, with advice, and creative input.  I'll help you get your outline structured so you don't need to start over. When I read a 120 page script, I take 2 to 3 hours to read and make notes, then a third hour for phone feedback with you.  Ask questions, I'll work with you, brainstorm, etc.


I've been there, got shows on the air, sold scripts, did rewrites, developed shows and screenplays. There's a lot of advice that isn't in books or blogs. That's why writers work with me. I've done it all before, so I can show them what they're doing wrong. And, people out there are doing it wrong!!


Consider the cost of film school $80,000.  Consider a life without selling a script.


I coach people on how to make writing a lifetime pursuit.


Let me know if I can help. I do offer a free phone consult, call 310-850-4707.

David Silverman


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Website: http://davidsilvermanlmft.wordpress.com



What do you do after you finish your screenplay?



"David has catapulted me towards my desired leap of actually writing and developing a routine of regular progress, hopefully towards writing many scripts."     - M. C. Cleereman (Screenwriter)"


Are you struggling to break into Hollywood as a tv/screenwriter? Has it been a long time with no breaks? Do you still need a KILLER spec script?


*Work with a writer who's written for over 30 Tv shows. (for Robin Williams, ALF, Newhart, Tom Arnold, Rosanne, Drew Carey, Sarah Silverman, Pee Wee Herman and South Park)

* Work with a writer who's sold screenplays, been paid to develop and rewrite  screenplays, (by Speilberg) has seen his work produced, who's created 5 TV shows.


If you've finished a spec tv or film script, we'll make it a KILLER SPEC.  You get my expertise every step of the way through your first draft or rewrite.  I'll provide customized coaching depending on your writing goals.

*Feature Drama
*Feature Comedy
*TV Drama
*TV Comedy


You'll get a Personalized Assessment:  You'll get all the advantages of having a professional writer a phone call away.  We'll meet in person or over the phone to review your idea, logline, outline or first draft.


I will get you on a Personal Plan that will keep you motivated and on-track in your writing.


I'll guide you via In Person or Remote Sessions to maximize your progress, answer all your questions, help you solve story or character questions as they come up.



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