I'm a professional Screenwriter and Script Doctor who has written and rewritten screenplays and TV scripts for Hollywood movie producers, Emmy-winning TV producers, major TV networks and film studios.  In addition, I’ve worked one-on-one with fellow screenwriters, directors, and indie filmmakers.

As a Script Consultant, I can read your current draft (max 130 pages in PDF format) and I will provide helpful and insightful notes for recommended improvements to the plot, characters, dialogue, style, formatting, etc., as well as my comments/feedback on the script's potential and overall entertainment value.

Please note this isn't the same as Script Coverage.  These are notes from a Screenwriter highlighting the specific areas/changes/development that I would recommend focusing on for a rewrite/polish of the next draft.  And if you'd like to hire me as a Script Doctor to implement my own notes (or another reader's notes, or script coverage, or notes from a producer), then that's cool, too – check out my profile page and send me a message for details on my rates, services and 15 years of experience in the film and TV industry.