As a working screenwriter, director and producer, I know the benefit of getting good notes on a draft. It can be invaluable having a fresh set of eyes on a script and even better when those eyes belong to someone with tons of experience in every aspect of development.


About Me:

As a screenwriter, I've written features, TV and short films. I've been brought in to adapt novels and write original concepts and I’ve written on major tentpole features at a studio level.  On set, I've worked on commercials, short films and at the feature level with some of the best directors in the business. As a producer I've optioned several properties and developed them into saleable projects including one that is currently in post-production.   I have also worked on several major motion pictures on the producorial side.


In addition, I currently teach screenwriting to beginning and experienced writers in Florida and Los Angeles. I have an excellent grasp of story structure, character development and dialogue while having the ability to provide you with in-depth, page-specific and broad, overarching notes that will aid you in making your script better.  I also offer hands-on consulting from the idea phase to help you break your story.  From the inciting incident to the denouement, I will make sure you are happy with the direction of your script!


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