Let's face it: friends and family aren't always the best judge of character. Usually, they don't want to hurt your feelings, but they also don't have the right knowledge to give you constructive criticism.


You need someone who studied in screenwriting and has experience with consulting and editing. That's when I step in! I'm not only in the best position to give out constructive criticism, I'm also very honest, but in a friendly way. The plan is not to destroy your script or your work, but emphasize its attributes.

Each step of the process has its own fee, so you can easily control the money you want to put into your script. I prefer to give advice, so that the writers can edit their script themselves, but in the case you'd find yourself stuck and can't find the way to properly apply my advice, I will step in to edit thoroughly.


I can work through emails, texts or Skype.


Lastly, my promise to you is a professional yet affordable consultation with a maximum turnaround of 7 calendar days. For last minute requests, I reserve the right to add a small extra fee.


Satisfaction guaranteed or the revision is free! (within 15 days of the consultation/edit)

Can't wait to meet you!