* Screenwriting
* Novel to Screenplay
* Scripts Read-Critique
* Script Analysis
* Formatting-Editing
* Treatments
* Synopsis
* Book Editing
* Book Analysis, Reviews
* Literary Agent
* Marketing
* Webdesign
* Upcoming Talent
* Other Services: translations Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati,
   English, Dutch. Writer's Block Help.

* You choose one of our services from the menu or overview.
* You send us your story, novel, or any other document, as an attachment in 
  your email. We prefer a Word document, typed in Courier 12. Scripts and
  Screenplays in Final Draft, Trelby, or any other format.
* Alternatively, you may send it as a printed version per normal post. However,
  for practical reasons, we do not recommend that.
* You confirm your chosen service requirements in your email or letter.
* If you opt for our screenwriting services, we will convert it into the industry
  standard format.
* We send you an agreement in which we specify all related terms and
  conditions and fees, as well as the expected completion time.
* After you return the signed agreement, you pay for the services.
* Upon receipt of your payment, we start working for you.
* Need other help? Ask us.