John Fahy is a screenwriter, script doctor, and content creator based in New York City. His creative sensibilities mirror those of his longtime employer Miramax Films: original, ambitious, entertaining, provocative, and award-winning.


John collaborates with writers, directors, producers, and actors to realize the full artistic potential of their creative endeavors. He specializes in re-working, re-writing, and re-imagining movie and television projects currently in development.


John’s approach is to build on a project’s underlying strengths, and turn its existing shortcomings into narrative assets, through insightful story analysis, collaborative discussion, creative storytelling, and modern screenwriting techniques. 


Most projects begin with a thorough written analysis of the existing story, and a set of Fahy Recommendations on how to improve the narrative from here.


The second phase is the actual writing. The approach and creative direction for this phase are based on the Story Analysis and Recommendations, and the creative team’s subsequent discussions of them.


Some projects encounter story problems while they are shooting, or after principal photography has already wrapped.  In these cases, John may re-write scenes on set, re-edit an existing rough cut, and/or develop new scenes to shoot, depending on the logistics and budget.