Do you have a script with a female protagonist, or mulitple female characters that needs an in-depth analysis of structure, marketing potential to the female audience, story logic support or other issues you want to elevate? I specialize in female protagonists myself, and have optioned four scripts in the last two years. I know what producers are looking for in scripts with female leads and can help you elevate the quality of those characters for maximum depth and relevance to the female market (the largest marketing segment!). 


I am flexible with my schedule, have fast turn around times, and am available by phone to consult with you as you rewrite your script. I am honest, professional and thorough and can provide you with line by line notes on your script, plus a five page analysis of your story structure, logic and pacing and more.


Standard Script Coverage: 5 page analysis of your script elements

Coverage + Line by Line Analysis: 5 page analysis plus a line by line notes on your PDF

Brainstorming by phone: by the hour, as needed to help you brainstorm ways to elevate your story

Rewrite Consultation by phone: by the hour, as needed to elevate the quality of the dialogue, scene descriptions, tone, genre, and more.