I help screenwriters, producers and distributors reach their ratings objectives.  By using my decade and 8,000+ films of experience on the MPAA's ratings board, I prepare screenwriters for potential problem areas.  I start either in the conceptual stage before first drafts or by providing a detailed report and follow-up on a finished script.  I deliver options where there might be problems. Producers can prepare for sales agents/distributors and directors for a cost-effective and smoother shoot.


For script consultants and others using ISA, please note that I help filmmakers all through the ratings process.  In addition to screenwriting ratings services, I also provide on-set consultation for film shoots, finished film ratings analysis, submission and negotiation with the MPAA, and a variety of program management/coordination services.  This is for feature films only, no television ratings.


An initial phone consultation will consist of a brief introduction and learning the screenwriters objectives.  We'll then put a course of action in place, with clear dates, times and to-do items.  If analyzing a finished script, a detailed report with all rating elements - violence, sexual content, language, drug use, smoking and theme - will be provided along with suggested options and strategies.